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Why Choose Us?

Why You Need To Get Tested For HIV?

1. Most people are unaware of their HIV status health. Do not worry, there are simple HIV home self test kit.

2. In the current market, a lot of sellers are using the needle lancet. But we understand it how auto lancet reduce pain, a lot of people prefers auto lancet it's not painful

3. Self testing HIV is really convenient and fast. Once you're testing negative, you need to retest few times again to make sure it's a conclusive. If positive, there are HIV medications to consume so virus won't attack.

4. It is very fast as well as very easy. Outcomes are available within as fast as 20 minutes.

5. No name? Not a problem. Anonymous testing by doing it yourself at home.

6. If you examine positive, follow-up plans can be made on site. The quicker therapy starts, the much healthier your life will be.

7. Everyone who is sexual active or not so active need to test. I have a lot of married couples and some boyfriends or girlfriends who are infected with this virus.

8. Test yourself for HIV every 3 to 6 months. This is important as HIV antibodies will be able to detect at this period. Depending on your own immune system, some may be able to detect much earlier and some later.

Our Test Kit Is 100% Accurate!

One night stand and afraid that you were infected with HIV virus? Stop worrying and fear now as now you can get yourself tested instantly. Our test kits are used by medical professionals and lab experts worldwide, 

HIV Test Kit Malaysia is selling the highest quality HIV test kit at the most affordable cheapest price. You can know your HIV status within 20 minutes at home. Much more convenient and time saving instead of going for expensive lab test via hospital or clinic. 

Most importantly is do not worry, test at home first then only if really positive then head to nearest clinic to further testing. 

No one will know your result except yourself.

Order your HIV test kit right now and get if you need it right away, we have runner express urgent delivery to any address within Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Malaysia. You will receive it as fast as 24 hours!

How to order online?

1. Choose quantity and check out.

2. Enter your shipping details and make payment.

3. Your HIV test kit will be ship out on the date of your payment received (working day). And you will Normally received it's the next working day. Sometimes it may be later depending on courier Poslaju